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Our humble apologies for such a basic website, but general info, contact details, an easy to use form and social media links are included.


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Hairy Pixel is a digital production company that specialises in creating exceptional broadcast and on-line content for a wide range of clients, both big and small. We are dedicated to producing creative and compelling digital media, that interacts, engages, provokes and questions the audience.

Hairy Pixel is Anglo / Dutch and was officially founded in 2022 but its origins date back to 2009. (we’ve been working with the very biggest global brands and tech companies for the last ±15 years, hence the delay).

We could tell you all about our team of creative and highly experienced professionals, who have worked on projects for Adobe, Booking.com, Hewlett Packard, Nike, Uber, Zoom, the list goes on… but that would be pointless as they’ve all been replaced by AI and ChatGPT 🙂

With a proven track record of delivering exceptional work, we have become a go-to production partner for every one of our previous clients.

Audio, Video projects…

From concept, to writing, storyboarding, planning, creation, to delivery, we can provide all of the skills and services to complete any digital media project. State-of-the-Art equipment enables us to produce content, media, sites and other stuff, of the highest quality.

Web development…

We specialise in building responsive, user-friendly websites and apps, that are optimised for search engine performance. From bespoke small sites, to custom web applications, to database driven e-commerce stores, we design, plan, develop and create them all.